成立于2010年,公司专注于直插LED、贴片LED、大功率LED、集成/COB LED器件封装,为客户提供照明级的LED光源、LED照明模组、LED灯具解决方案。以及LED室内照明、LED商业照明、LED户外照明、LED城市亮化、LED道路照明、LED照明产品等,是一家集研发、生产、销售为一体的高新技术企业。 通途光电以;技术领先,品质第一;为宗旨,以“开创LED绿色照明持续深入发展,为客户创造最大价值;为理念,坚持;品质、创新、专注、双赢;的方针。坚持走高品质产品路线,专业生产中高档LED封装产品与LED照明产品。公司采用美国CREE,德国欧司朗,日本丰田等国际领先品牌芯片封装为主,打造出有专利保证和品牌附加值高的一系列产品。

Company introduction

Shenzhen Creem Shenzhen Opto-Electronic Technology


Founded in 2010, the company attention to dip led, SMD LED, high power LED, integrated /COB LED device package, for customers to provide illumination of the LED light source, LED lighting module, LED lamps and lanterns solutions. And LED indoor lighting, led commercial lighting, LED outdoor lighting, led urban lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting products and so on, is a collection research and development, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. Thoroughfare photoelectric; leading technology, quality first; for the purpose, to "create a green LED lighting continued in-depth development, for customers to create the greatest value; for the idea, adhere to; quality, innovation, dedication, a win-win situation of the policy. Adhere to the high quality products, professional production of high-grade LED packaging products and LED lighting products. Companies using the United States CREE, Germany, OSRAM, TOYOTA, Japan and other international leading brand chip package based, to create a series of products with a high value of patent and brand added value.
Contrinex photoelectric gather a group of more than ten years experience in the package of LED lighting products, professional and technical personnel, to create a has rich experience in the management of the core management team, LED package has more than 3000 square meters workshop and LED lamp manufacturing more than 1500 square meters of ultra clean, anti electrostatic modernization of dust-free workshop, the introduction of Japan, the United States, Germany and other international well-known brands of equipment manufacturers of the most advanced fully automated packaging equipment and perfect testing equipment, product quality conforms to the energy star certification standards. All products detected by RoHS.
Companies pay special attention to the independent research and development of products and innovation, there are dozens of invention and utility model patents. A number of patents have been authorized.
The company has passed the European Union CE certification and ISO9001, ISO14000, TS16949 quality system certification. Facing the rapid development of LED industry, thoroughfare photoelectric will continue to strengthen cooperation with the upstream and downstream partners, continuously improve product competitiveness. Corey beauty will continue to absorb LED industry elite talent, continuous improvement of products and services, continuous innovation, lean production, the company becomes the most one of the company's influence in the global LED lighting field.
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